Captain Chaby has spent the past 20+ years focused on leadership, team effectiveness and performance optimization.

While serving as a U.S. Navy SEAL, Tom was responsible for ensuring his units excelled under the daunting conditions and challenges of combat. This reality was the driving force for him to constantly look for new ways to improve his teams. He never settled for the status quo or “good enough”.

In Japanese, they call this constant pursuit of growth, Kaizen. Tom calls this Performance Optimization. Tom brings this same unrelenting focus to help you develop the expertise, systems and conditions to optimize your team’s performance. He offers: speaking engagements; full-spectrum consulting; mentorship and strategic blueprints. Just like enduring success, understanding and ultimately implementing Tom’s concepts does not happen rapidly, it’s a process: 

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Static Application

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Application Under Pressure

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In order to have the most impact, Tom recommends a layered approach:

Tom’s Topics

Tom customizes each topic to focus on your objectives.  


Effective teams seem to get all the breaks. Effective teams respond to challenges more seamlessly. Effective teams are more consistent and have the strongest results.  Tom covers every detail required to build an effective team from empowering cultures through the importance of clear communications. CLICK TO SEE THE TEAM EFFECTIVENESS MODEL


Tom’s Leadership Effectiveness Model isolates strengths, weaknesses and opportunities with each of your key leaders.


The Captain’s Course molds your Captain to be an impactful leader for critical moments in sports competition. “Leaders are made, not born”. Most teams ‘simply hope’ their captain will get the job done. Hope rarely results in greatness. Why not train your most important leaders for success?

This course shows your Captain how he/she can be a difference maker for their team. Tom delivers everything from a one-hour overview to a long-term partnership and/or mentorship. Tom has also designed three qualification levels, which take your most important leaders from basic understanding to mastery of impactful leadership. Powerful resume enhancer for NCAA recruiting and professional sports drafts.


Success is built through teams of great people doing the right things day after day. Doing the right thing doesn’t just happen; it starts with establishing clear and powerful expectations that are designed to drive excellence.


Strong buy-in to a weak plan will beat weak buy-in to the strongest plan every time. Learn how and what it takes to systematically build and sustain strong buy-in. 


Accountability is the most neglected element of leadership. Without accountability, true success is impossible. Learn how to build a culture where your teammates aggressively embrace accountability.


Tom’s favorite word in the leadership lexicon is relevance. When your teammates feel relevant they are motivated to reach their full potential. When your teammates reach their full potential, team success will follow.


When armed with true full-spectrum resilience (physical, psychological, social), your team can persevere through the most daunting challenges. Resilience starts with awareness and mindset and then extends to actual physical grit. Resilience doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. When armed with resilience, your team will be postured with the vitality to persevere through the most difficult challenges.

Performance Optimization

Many organizations focus on what they can measure because it is easy and tangible. However, focusing on the intangibles will also yield powerful opportunities that most organizations miss, creating a competitive advantage for those that make the effort to do so.


This is the most important skill when it matter most. Learn how to proactively take control of how you and your team perform under pressure.

The Methodology

Everything starts by listening to you. Your vision, objectives and narrative are the foundation of Tom’s work. 

  1. Tom looks at every challenge as if success were a matter of life or death, forcing him to maintain the same attention-to-detail that he brought to the battlefield. 

  2. Tom’s content is customized to most effectively support your objectives.

  3. Tom’s messaging is designed to parallel and compliment your vision, culture and leadership.

  4. Content delivery is critical. Tom will work closely with you and your team to develop a meticulous engagement plan. Included in this plan will be delivery modality, pace & emphasis.