Army Times Magazine (July 2015) – Discusses CAPT Chaby’s successes in innovating resilience for Special Operators

Conqa Sport (January 2015) – Article based from interview discussing “Managing Chaos”

Radio Interview for “The Next Ridgeline” 1340am (3 December 2014) 

Veterans Radio Interview (October 2014) 

NY Times (6 June 2014) – Article on resiliency and suicide in the military received the NY Times quotation of the day.  “We broke these guys.  We need to do our best to send them back into the civilian sector as whole as possible.” (6 May 2014) – Mentioned, “A group of nine Auburn players are in San Diego learning leadership principles from Navy SEALs, all part of a relationship with Capt. Tom Chaby, the former leader of SEAL Team 5 who was profiled in Sports Illustrated last week.”

Sports Illustrated (5 May 2014) – Mentioned in an Andy Staples article on the human performance program he ran for special operations.  Article ran in the magazine and a separate longer article ran online.

ESPN (6 January 2014) – During the National Championship game between FSU and Auburn Tom Rinaldi mentioned that “Captain Tom Chaby, Navy SEAL, spoke to two college football programs before the start of the season, they were incidentally FSU and Auburn.”

USA Today (9 July 2013) – Article on resiliency and how we are taking care of special operators