Tom is committed to continuing to help his teammates through his work in multiple not-for-profit (501(c)3) organizations:

Warrior2warrior (w2w)(Co-Executive Director) - This effort focuses on de-institutionalized solutions to help prevent suicide with Active Duty Service members and Veterans.

Vintage4vets (v4v)(Executive Director) - This is the fundraising arm of warrior2warrior.  All funds raised are used to support warrior2warrior suicide prevention programs.  V4V raises funds through direct financial donations; donations of vintage collectibles (baseball cards, vintage cars, lunch boxes, virtually anything pre 1977), items received will either be sold to raise money or used to create revenue generating efforts (museum, display...).  Website is under construction.  Effort overview (pdf).

Quantum Leap Farm (QLF)(Board Member) - QLF exists to help people of all ages and abilities grow strong, achieve therapeutic goals and overcome challenges through equine-assisted therapies.  We believe in the acceptance of everyone, wherever they are right now.  Tom focuses on coordinating military involvement in these programs.