Tom writes private motivational/instructional STRATEGIC BLUEPRINTS (BOOKS) for some of his clients.

These books are custom designed around your vision, specifically for your organization. Page one will be a letter from your senior leadership setting the tone for growth and excellence. With this book, your team will have a step-by-step call to action at their fingertips for reference at all times. The content in these books combines your values, objectives and branding with Tom’s unique insights, experience and expertise of team and leadership effectiveness. These books become a powerful cornerstone for building greatness and they will remain with you and your team to continue helping sustain and build success well into the future. 

Tom writes powerful newsletters and email campaigns to help you shape a narrative and drive home winning concepts with your team that will ultimately help further shape your organization’s culture and optimize your team’s performance.

Tom writes overviews of successful leadership and team building books. These concise outlines focus on capturing the key points of the book being reviewed and relating them to your organizations objectives and vision. This targeted approach is designed to reinforce your narrative and provides your team specific actions and mindsets that can immediately be brought into their every day work.