There are specific characteristics that effective and successful teams share. Without these characteristics, you and your team will not reach full potential. Your organization may be doing well, but odds are, it could be doing better, much better.




Are you doing everything possible to optimize your organization’s effectiveness?

Building team optimization requires expertise, attention-to-detail and hard work. Building team effectiveness is different than building your business. Your focus needs to be internal vs. external which can be hard to do. Leadership, team effectiveness and performance optimization are elements that will empower your team to excel in business or sport. It takes a full-spectrum approach with a relentless assault on mediocrity. Tom has worked with dozens of the most successful organizations. Despite their immense earlier success, they work with Tom to improve even more.


Does your team have the expertise, perspective and time to do everything required to build greatness? 

It is very difficult to achieve optimal results alone. The old adage, “The emperor has no clothes” also applies. Getting out of your own way can be a difficult challenge. You may be blind to your own shortcomings. Many organizations leverage Tom to assess, define, develop and implement organizational solutions that raise their team to the next level and beyond.


Has your “voice” reached a saturation point with your team and/or key stakeholders?

There is a limit to your message effectiveness. Having someone outside your organization, echo your talking points and vision, reinforces priorities and validates your credibility. New messengers often resonate more powerfully than the leadership your team listens to everyday.  



Would it be powerful to reinforce your vision and narrative through a unique platform? 

As a retired U.S. Navy SEAL with extensive background in leadership, team effectiveness and performance optimization development has proven powerful. Audiences pay close attention to his programs and grow. 


Are you interested in leveraging the experience that comes from helping 100+ elite corporate, sports, and special operations teams build team effectiveness and performance optimization? 

Tom has had the privilege to work side-by-side with some of the most successful corporate, sports and military leaders of our time. He has taken careful stock of what makes great teams great. Equally important, he has also paid close attention to what makes not so great teams, not so great. He has compiled volumes of lessons learned and his insights are valuable in helping you reach your goals. See a few of our clients


Are you interested in a program with a proven track record of success? 

Tom has built dozens of teams that excelled under the pressure of combat. He has also helped dozens of teams from the corporate and sports worlds navigate complex organizational and personal leadership challenges. His ability to assess, define, develop and implement nuanced solutions has proven effective time-after-time.  

Tom’s objective is to help you set the conditions to achieve your objectives and goals.