Captain Tom Chaby (Retired)

Captain Tom Chaby (Retired)

Tom and former Vice President Joe Biden

Tom and former Vice President Joe Biden

Tom on patrol in Middle East

Tom on patrol in Middle East

Captain Tom Chaby was an active duty US Navy SEAL for 26 years. Throughout his career, he built and led teams conducting special operations in over 60 countries around the world.  Shortly after 9/11, he deployed to Afghanistan to lead a Task Unit of 50 SEALs and support personnel conducting special operations in support of the initial stages of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. During the latter part of the most critical fight in Fallujah, Tom led a Task Force of 400+ personnel conducting full-spectrum special operations in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Early in his career, Tom was stationed in South America leading Counter Drug Operations throughout Colombia and the region. Tom’s experience building and leading teams for the most difficult challenges has been extensive, diverse and effective.  

Outside of the operational realm, Tom worked relentlessly developing and ensuring performance optimization for the SEAL community and developing holistic resiliency for the 67,000+ members of the special operations community. During a combined five years as the Deputy Commanding Officer of the SEAL Training Command and as a SEAL Instructor, Tom was integral in creating the current generation of SEAL operators. Specifically, Tom helped shape and direct multiple leadership development programs to prepare SEALs to be more effective in combat.   

People are surprised to learn that as the Commanding Officer of SEAL Team FIVE and of Special Operations Task Force West, in Fallujah, Iraq, Tom’s responsibilities were very similar to those of senior leadership in corporate America and professional/division one collegiate sports. On a daily basis, Tom managed: 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Operations

  • Safety

  • Human Resources

  • Team & Leadership Development

  • Talent Management

  • Budget Planning & Management

  • Logistics & Engineering

  • Branding & Marketing

  • Public Affairs & Media 

  • Legal & Environmental issues (U.S. & Foreign)

  • International Relations; Diplomacy (Embassies)

  • Vendor support (Contractors)

  • Partner collaboration (U.S. & Foreign)

  • Quality Control & Inventory Management

  • Accountability

  • Mission Success (Failure is not an option)

Tom likes to say, “An organization, is an organization, is an organization.”  In his leadership experience, he dealt with similar challenges to what you are dealing with today, the only difference being the mission and the potential outcome if he failed.  In his case, mission failure could lead to a national strategic failure or worse, death of a teammate.  It is through this daunting reality that Captain Chaby developed his leadership, team effectiveness & performance optimization programs which he offers to corporate organizations and sports teams today. 

Over the past six years, Tom has spoken to and provided full spectrum consulting to 100+ high performing corporate organizations and NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, & Olympic sports teams, to help them build empowering cultures and team effectiveness.  Tom has helped Fortune 500 organizations become more effective, two collegiate football teams become national champions, a collegiate tennis team win the national championship, a World Series runner up, an Eastern Conference NHL runner up and two high school state football champions.  During one recent college football season, Tom worked with two teams – the national champion and the runner-up.  Tom’s programs can help you and your team build success as well.